What if it all goes right?

The folk behind Folk & Thread are experts in baby sleep products. Between us we have 85 years of experience in the nursery industry!

The world has grown and changed, and parents have changed with it. We get that you want to feel good about what you buy - you want to know it’s made of the best materials for your baby, that it’s eco friendly and that your choices do a bit of good. 

We share a dream of creating a new type of baby brand – one that offers parents affordable, responsibly sourced, sustainable baby sleep products. We’ve partnered with The Lullaby Trust to establish a brand new donation scheme - The Better Sleep Project - and committed to supporting their safe sleep research. 

We four friends have come together to make it happen. We are starting a new story today…

A bit about us...

We met whilst working in the baby industry in Devon. We have all worked for many big baby brands across sleep, feeding, travel, tech and textiles. 

23 years ago in her former role Ouvrielle co-founded The Gro Company and created the Grobag, which would go on to be loved by millions of parents all over the world and become the leading baby sleep bag. Lisa is an award winning baby products and brand designer, Heidi heads up Marketing & PR and has created lots of campaigns you’ll recognise and Maire is an expert in sustainable sourcing and manufacturing.

Collectively we are Folk.


We want to make sure our children grow up in a world that they and their children can enjoy. Sustainability has driven every decision we have made and will make as we build Folk & Thread.

Our products are made in India, by fairly paid skilled workers. We visit regularly to ensure that the conditions are good and that the products are made sustainably. They are then finished with our recycled cardboard labels and plastic free bags and sent by boat to our UK warehouse.


Everything we make is from organic cotton. Having worked in the textile industry for so long this was a no brainer for us!

  • It is free from toxic chemicals, so is kinder to sensitive baby skin
  • Our farmers use natural methods to grow cotton rather than fossil-fuel based fertilisers. This creates healthy soil which stores carbon and combats climate change
  • Organic farmers use crop rotation and other skills to control pests and disease. Non-organic farming uses hazardous synthetic pesticides which can damage ecosystems and endanger workers
  • Drinking water, rivers and lakes don't suffer from harmful run-off of toxic chemicals, so it's better for local people
  • Organic cotton is always grown alongside other crops, allowing farmers to diversify to earn a better living and feed their families from their land


Baby sleep safety has been at the heart of our work for over two decades.

Ouvrielle was part of the team that kickstarted a revolution in the way parents put their babies to bed by introducing baby sleep bags to the UK, she worked with the BPA to create the first code of practice which was used as the basis of the British Safety Standard for Baby Sleep Bags.

Lisa sat on the steering committee of the BSI and then the EU Baby Sleep Bag standard and has spent many years working with the latest infant sleep science and medical data to develop products at the forefront of baby sleep understanding.

As individuals, we have worked with The Lullaby Trust for many years and are thrilled to launch this brand with a partnership already in place with them.